Welcome to Dog Bless, and thank you for fostering! Whether you have been in rescue for years, or this is your first time fostering, you are performing a vital role in the rescuing process. Because of you, Dog Bless can assist rescue groups by ensuring the dogs they pull are healthy, well adjusted, and ready to be adopted the moment of transport. By committing to foster a dog, you have guaranteed that dog a bright future. Because the foster family’s role is vital to the achievement of Dog Bless’ mission, the intent of this handout is to provide you with the resources necessary to make the transition into fostering as simple as possible.

The following items are the foundation for fostering. These tasks are the guidelines for minimum care as established by Dog Bless, and will help you appropriately care for your foster dog. As such, the following items are non-negotiable, and must be followed by every foster in all circumstances.

1. Don’t lose your dog! It is your responsibility to control your foster dog at all times. We require our dogs to be properly restrained, either in a fence or leash walked. The dogs in our care are considered flight risks. Many are frightened and will try to escape. If your foster dog becomes lost, contact us immediately! The first few minutes after a dog is lost are crucial. We can share its photo immediately with our contacts.

2. Keep identification on your dog at all times! Yes, even in the bath. We frequently hear “My dog ran off shortly after her bath – I hadn’t replaced her collar yet.” Dog Bless provides martingales (no-slip collar) and tags for all foster dogs. If your foster dog was not wearing a martingale and tag when you picked her up, contact Gina Young immediately, (304) 421-1443.

3. Bathe your dog ASAP! The shelter is a very dirty place. Dogs pick up germs from shelter surfaces. They carry these germs on their feet and fur, and risk contaminating your house with viruses the dog may not even contract. Help us keep your dog(s) healthy and your environment safe by bathing your foster dog as soon as you get it. You may do this at the shelter if you wish. The vet’s office will NOT bathe the dog pre-surgery and you will not be allowed to bathe the dog after surgery due to its stitches.

4. Call us if you notice parasites! Sure, fleas and worms are a normal dog thing, but they can cause big problems depending on the degree of infestation. Call us at first sign of either. Using your own flea/tick/worm treatment is an option but please contact a vetting coordinator first. Note: Dogs with worms and/or fleas will not be permitted on transports.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Animal Emergency Clinic (304) 768-2911
Kanawha Blvd. Animal Hospital (304) 343-3261
Cathy McClung, Vetting Coordinator (304) 419-4543
Beth Sampson, Vetting Coordinator (304) 437-1836
Chelsea Staley, Rescue Coordinator (304) 549-5535
Mary Stevens, Foster Coordinator (304) 549-8947

Mailing Address:
PO Box 11191
Charleston, WV 25339

Mailing Address:
PO Box 11191
Charleston, WV 25339

Dog Bless is a rescue advocacy group in Charleston, WV. We are a 501c3 exempt organization. We are a group of friends that love dogs.